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Q. What is Breyting®? A. A brand management company.


The Breyting Group is a socially responsible brand management company that cultivates a flourishing portfolio of branded projects, companies and product collections. While each brand operates independently and with its own distinct identity and market segment, many important synergies exist among all of our brands. These include a talented support team and an unwavering devotion to quality and ethics.


We build brands that benefit communities and are in touch with society’s progressive ideas and needs. This simple and straightforward approach has enabled Breyting to flourish during these times of heightened competition and market readjustments. The group primarily invests in solution-centered real estate developments with an emphasis on innovations in design and retail concepts which the group markets through partnerships worldwide.


When determining a new brand venture, we look for niche markets, put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, hold inclusive discussion groups, and ask ourselves common sense questions including:
  • How will the new brand add synergy to our current brands?
  • How does the new brand add value for the customer and benefit society?
  • How can we simplify the brand’s business processes?
  • How can we offer a buying experience that earns customer loyalty?
  • What are the suitable trade-offs between risk and reward?


Once a new venture has been selected, several factors contribute to its success:
  • Surrounding our brands with talented and competent business partners who share our passion for progress
  • Having an established customer base
  • Utilizing the Breyting name and management philosophy
  • Focusing on simplifying the business
  • Giving everyone in our system a voice
Our long-held business strategy is to build brands that have modest yet consistent earning power and good returns on equity, and to surround these brands with talented and honest management. Going forward, this strategy will always be applied and practiced to all our brands.

come breyting with us!

Breyting® relies on an array of partnerships from private real-estate investors; architects; foodies; editable landscape designers; wood, glass, and metal crafters; visual artists; media designers; content writers; and many other talented people who share our vision and values. Please let us know if you are interested in discussing such a partnership or other relevant business opportunity at support@breyting.com.
About breyting


“Our contribution to society and the prosperity of our brands is directly related to the value we add for our customers and the communities in which we operate.”
Von Coven , Chief Brand Officer The Breyting® Group
Our Brands


Breyting Real Estate Company is a privately held real estate company that oversees the entire design-build progress for the Breyting Group, including the selection and procurement of building materials, asset management, and sales. The company promotes and builds affordable solution- centered housing including:

  • Multi-generational and shared living homes
  • Income-generating homes
  • Live-work homes, artists lofts, and maker spaces
  • Mixed-use urban infill
  • Vertically integrated, consumer-direct manufacturing retail concepts


Founded in 2007, Breyting Community Roaster uses coffee as a catalyst to inspire, create, and support positive change. The roastery creates economic, social, and environmental progress by supporting non-profits with coffee fundraising campaigns and using its innovative Change Studio to develop private sector solutions for today’s challenges. The Roastery’s contribution to society is proportionate to its growth, which can be followed at communityroaster.com.



Impact Fund by Breyting is Breyting’s Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) fund. The fund generates a positive impact and modest financial returns from a diverse portfolio of small stock and equity investments ($1K to $20K per investment) in small- to mid-sized solution-centered companies pioneering the transition to a sustainable society. The fund takes a long-term approach and supports the growth ambitions of the companies in which it invests and therefore is not exit-driven. The fund invests in companies that offer solutions to five sustainable transition areas:

  • Food and agriculture
  • Mobility and infrastructure
  • Renewable resources
  • Manufacturing that practices circular economy
  • Innovations in sustainable design


DeLandia, our “Intergalactic Investment Group,” is founded on the conviction that ethical funding and investments can be both profitable and a powerful force for good. DeLandia funds the Breyting Group’s short-term real-estate acquisitions (1-4 years), and construction funding. The group also uses holding companies that work in tandem to acquire land for long-term development and investment.

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