A Campaign for Change

A Campaign for Change

There are generations of people helplessly suffering while very little is being done to fix the housing problems. Breyting decided to push some change in motion and create a “Housing Is A Human Right” campaign to do our small part. The sales from the coffee, t-shirts, and skateboard decks are used to support small, localized non-profits that offer direct assistance. Think boots on the ground—in order to get people to medical appointments, provide food and clothing, and get people and families out of make shift camps and into shelters.

Blog posts

  • Vets can’t live together?

    Meet LeoDavid. He spent 8 years in the army, and his expression says what all veterans feel: wait, we can die together, but not live together?This is a reality in towns like DeLand, Florida. Many local municipalities refuse to remove...

  • A Legal Battle To Have Coffee

    Breyting is pioneering many new concepts, one of which is using collaborative law and value-based legal agreements to operate companies. Breyting has recently found itself in a dispute that is important to all socially conscious businesses because it will test...

  • Limited Editions By Fred!

    Come enjoy a coffee experience from Fred Schneider, the frontman, of the iconic New Wave rock band The B-52s, also known as the “World’s Greatest Party Band.”With a long career fueled by coffee, the progression to exploring the connection between...