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Q. What is Breyting®? A. Studio that creates change.

Breyting® (brā-tîng) n. – is Icelandic for “change”. 1. an innovative business studio where people study, practice, and transform ideas that create economic, social, and environmental progress into flourishing brands.

Ways to work with Breyting…

Be creative with us

Breyting® recruits talented independent contractors with integrity, energy, and intelligence that can add value to our brands. The studio hires visual artists, media designers, content writers, architects, editable landscape designers, and many other talented people who are the life force for our brands. These creatives produce marketing campaigns, social media content, housing concepts, furniture designs, product designs, and much more. In the spirit of collaboration and flexibility, we don’t hire employees.

Hire us as consultants

Learning how to balance doing social good and making profits within the same brand is not easy; it takes tenacity and the ability to reinvent yourself and your brand. Our expertise, is brand positioning, manufacturing, organization and capital structuring, and outside the box thinking. Breyting® has had successes, failures that failed forward, and some absolutely absurd lessons that someone should write a book about. We have amassed a lifetime of valuable knowledge over the last two decades. Let us put that experience to work for you.

Partner with us

We bring the project, our partners bring the funding and construction expertise. Breyting® purchases unique parcels of land and dives into the design and planning process with tenacity and creativity until we emerge on the other side with a fully permitted project with entitlements. At this point, we either sell the project to a competent third party that shares our values and vision, or Breyting brings in a construction partner to fund and build the project. We also consult or partner with owners who have vacant land needs to be reimagined and repositioned.

If you are interested in discussing a partnership or other relevant business opportunities, stop by for a coffee at the roastery located at 126 W Ohio Ave, Deland, FL 32757 or send us an email. at von@breyting.com.
About breyting


“The prosperity of our studio is directly related to the value we add to society.”
Von Coven , Chief Brand Officer
Our brands are…

Transforming real estate

Breyting Real Estate Company™ shapes brick-n-mortar real estate into private-sector solutions to today’s problems. One such project is our H-House™, an affordable multigenerational “flex-home” designed to empower the owner(s) through the different stages of their life, single, coupled, marriage, children, income-generating, elder care, and aging-in-place. Additionally, we use as much sustainable non-toxic building materials as possible and write the agreements that govern our projects to use a plain-language approach that sets out clear expectations, roles, personal accountability, and reduces the risk of litigation and conflict. Breyting® is currently involved in reimagining and building the following affordable solution-centered housing concepts:

  • Multi-generational and shared living homes
  • Income-generating homes
  • Live-work homes, artists lofts, and maker spaces
  • Mixed-use urban infill

Reinvesting in others

With so many people believing and investing in Breyting® over the years we thought we would pay it forward and invest in others. Our Impact Fund was founded to generate a positive impact and consistent financial returns from a diverse portfolio of small stock and equity investments ($1K to $20K per investment) in small- to mid-sized, solution-centered companies pioneering the transition to a sustainable society. The fund takes a long-term approach and supports the growth ambitions of the companies in which it invests and is, therefore, not exit-driven. The fund invests in companies that offer solutions to five sustainable transition areas:

  • Food and agriculture
  • Mobility and infrastructure
  • Renewable resources
  • Manufacturing that practices circular economy
  • Innovations in sustainable design

Harnessing consumerism

Breyting Community Roaster™ is designed to do one thing well—coffee fundraising. The roastery is managed by seasoned coffee professionals and change-makers devoted to harnessing the support of vast amounts of coffee drinkers into an effective and much-needed support system for organizations and people pushing for a better society. Learn more, www.communityroaster.com.


Putting capital to work

DeLandia works in tandem with Breyting Real Estate Company to fund short-term real-estate acquisitions (1-4 years) and the development phase of Breyting’s projects. DeLandia is a privately held “Intergalactic Investment Group,” founded on the conviction that ethical funding can be both profitable and a powerful force for good.

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