Road Recovery (2 Coffees)

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Road Recovery
We’re Road Recovery-- an entertainment industry-driven non-profit that teaches life skills to young people through after-school creative programs. We’re mentors, professionals in the music, arts, and other creative industries with a simple mission: to empower young people to identify, express and amplify their voices in hopes of positively impacting themselves and a greater audience.

For almost 25 years as an entertainment industry driven non-profit, we’re especially grateful for the amazing partnerships we have gained from our board members and fellow industry supporters. One of which is Fred Schneider, of one of the world’s greatest party band, The B-52s.

Year after year, Fred has continued to show up for our amazing young people; sharing his personal and professional life experiences, inviting our youth to experience The B-52’s live onstage, graciously performing at Road Recovery fundraising events, and creatively, joining forces with our youth to co-write and record the song “Outer Space,” released on our Spotify!

In addition to our common goal of helping young people, we also share with Fred something else… a love of good coffee!

So… we’ve partnered with Fred Schneider and his company, Breyting to launch our own brand of coffee called “Outer Space Blend”, an homage to the song that Fred recorded with our youth house band, TYPE II.

We hope you enjoy the smooth rich taste of Road Recovery’s Outer Space Blend, a Kaossilator mix of Soupy Sales meets Sci Fi with a heaping of Mars, Stars, and Uranus tossed in! (burp)

“I’ve experienced first-hand how the members of Road Recovery have successfully overcome destructive energies and have been able to channel their energies into true musical talents.”

– Fred Schneider,  B-52’s

Our cause coffees are available in three roast levels, and one decaf.

Light roast = (Africa) Delicate, winey, and floral
Medium roast = (South America) Organic, naturally sweet and clean, with a smooth nutty finish
Dark roast = (Southeast Asia) Bold, earthy, herbal, and spicy
Decaf Swiss Water® processed = Organic, rich, and smooth

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