Save the Manatees (2 Coffees)

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Save the Manatees
In the last few years, the manatees have seen a record numbers of deaths. This coffee helps conservation groups advocating for strong protection measures to ensure these endangered marine mammals are here for generations to come. We can’t let these gentle creatures disappear; we must learn to allow them to peacefully coexist with us. If you haven’t adopted a manatee with Save the Manatee Club, please consider it. They do wonderful work and need your support.

Our cause coffees are available in three roast levels, and one decaf.

Light roast = (Africa) Delicate, winey, and floral 
Medium roast = (South America) Organic, naturally sweet and clean, with a smooth nutty finish
Dark roast = (Southeast Asia) Bold, earthy, herbal, and spicy 
Decaf Swiss Water® processed = Organic, rich, and smooth 

Supporting artists, sustainable business, and positive change. 

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Regular price $28.00