Leave behind the mundane and escape to one of Breyting's premier pop-up events, designed to showcase the bold art and activism of our Breyting brand. Each pop-up is different; some featuring a new product or coffee release. Others are intimate private events where our artist and chef collaborators feature their unique expressions. Don't worry; our pop-ups have a lively mix of inclusive people, and our baristas will help you explore the connection between coffee, culture, and causes.


  1. Aug 23-24

    Deland Contemporary Greek - Pay Via Link >
  2. Sep 06-07

    Deland South of France - Pay Via Link >
  3. Sep 20-21

    Deland Inspirations from Korea - Pay Via Link >
  4. Oct 04-05

    Deland East Indian - Pay Via Link >
  5. Oct 18-19

    Deland Incredible Portugal - Pay Via Link >
  6. Nov 01-02

    Deland Tasty Waste Not - Pay Via Link >
  7. Nov 15-16

    Deland Native American Feast - Pay Via Link >
  8. Dec 06-07

    Deland Local Seafood, Global Flavors - Pay Via Link >
  9. Dec 13-14

    Deland From Tuscany, With Love - Pay Via Link >

I love Breyting pop-ups!I always meet interesting people.

- Dawn Lemay

SOOO much fun! This place should be in L.A.! 

- Yuri Yoshika

The nitro brew and merch are amazing:).