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Support Services exists to help our customers, workers and vendors quickly navigate to resolve issues, clarify procedures, answer questions and successfully support you in anyway possible. It’s a partnership you can believe in. Tell us how we can help…

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126 W Ohio, DeLand, FL, 32720

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Support Services


Von Coven, Chief Brand Officer

Von, our Chief Brand Officer (CBO) works in tandem with the company’s team and business partners to ensure our brand equity is growing and that our brand’s image, experience, and promises are meeting our stakeholder's and customers’ expectations. As part of the CBO's daily task, our CBO implements the vision of each of our brands and the organization's long-term 100-year plan. This includes overseeing branding, marketing, advertising, customer service, sales, product, and architectural design and land and product procurement.


Schavar, Chief Creative Coordinator

Schavar, our Chief Creative Coordinator (CCC) manages workflow with our interns and freelance content writers, copy editors, coders (mobile apps, web developer’s intranet and internet), photographers, graphic designers, industrial designers, and other talented creatives. In addition, they ensure the brand's visual message and brand standards are being authentically and accurately applied to all products and adverting mediums (print, web, social media, point of sale).


LuLu, Book Keeper

LuLu and the gang, Breyting's bookkeepers ensures that we are compliant with both Florida and federal licenses and that tax schedules and returns required by the Corporations Act are made on time, records held are accurate, an all certifications are current. They manage the efficient administration of our accounts receivable and payable, general accounting, and bookkeeping.


Thavy, Chief Operating Officer

Thavy, our Chief Operating Officer (COO) oversees the operations of the Breyting® group including the daily operations of Breyting Community Roaster™. As part of their daily tasks they hire as needed, coordinate workflow, and logistics. In addition, they make sure the company is meeting its obligations and projections, manage current business relationships and ensure the brands are solvent and profitable.

Working Partnerships


Fred Schneider, Business Partner

Delandia & Breyting Community Roaster

Fred Schneider is the owner and driving force behind DeLandia, the world’s first and largest Intergalactic investment group. Fred is also co-owner of Breyting Community Roaster™, the home of Fred Schneider’s Monster! Blends.



Coming Soon


Coming soon we are posting some of our important alliances that drive the studio.

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