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Support Services exists to help our customers, workers and vendors quickly navigate to resolve issues, clarify procedures, answer questions and successfully support you in anyway possible. It’s a partnership you can believe in. Tell us how we can help…

Support Services


Von Coven

Owner & Brand Manager

Breyting’s Brand Manager works in tandem with the company’s team and business partners to ensure our brand equity is growing and that our brand’s image, experience, and promises are meeting our stakeholders’ and customers’ expectations. Von’s daily tasks include overseeing branding, marketing, advertising, customer service, sales, product development, architectural design, and land and product procurement.



Creative Coordinator

Our Creative Coordinator manages workflow with our interns and freelance content writers, copy editors, coders (mobile apps, web developer’s intranet and internet), photographers, graphic designers, industrial designers, renderers, and other talented creatives. In addition, Schavar ensures the brand's visual message and brand standards are being authentically and accurately applied to all products and adverting mediums (print, web, social media, point of sale, etc.).



Administrative Assistant

Our Administrative Assistant works closely with our accounting firm and project manager. This includes providing support to the project teams, assisting in daily office needs, and managing the company's general administrative activities. In addition, they ensure that we are compliant with both Florida and federal licenses and that tax schedules and returns required by the Corporations Act are made on time, all records held are accurate, and all certifications are current. They manage the efficient administration of Breyting accounts receivable and payable, general accounting, and bookkeeping.


Project Manager

Our project manager is responsible for planning and coordinating our projects from beginning to end. They interview and hire independent contractors, delegate tasks, and ensure the team members meet deadlines and budgets and the investments are solvent and profitable. In addition, our project manager makes sure that our agreements are clearly understood, have a defined scope of work, and both parties understand each other's expectations.


Office Enforcer

Don’t think about causing problems at Breyting, or Rasputin the Tribble will make cooing and squeaking noises and snuggle you with love as you are being escorted to the door.



Fred Schneider

Business Partner

Fred Schneider partners with Breyting to fund our short-term real-estate acquisitions (1-4 years) and the development phase of some of Breyting’s smaller projects. Fred shares our conviction that ethical funding can be both profitable and a powerful force for good.



David Schroeder

Landscape Architect

David Schroeder owns Evolving Landscapes LLC ( and works with Breyting to make edible landscaping and small yard farms for our projects a reality. This includes using raised garden beds, fruit trees, orchards, garden creations, in-ground food forests, native plant/pollinator landscaping, composting, hydroponics, and more.


Kim White

Values-based Agreements

Kim White is the founder and CEO of Cutting Edge Law Enterprises, Inc. Kim writes values-based agreements that foster fair and ethical business dealings for Breyting. In addition, Kim ensures our agreements are written to maintain our partnerships and further a relationship that endures change and withstands and transforms conflict.


Cory Spaziani

Construction Director

Cory is the owner of Seldom Seen Construction Inc. Cory works with Breyting to build and prototype new housing concepts. In addition, Cory assists with the building process, including site analysis, material selection, construction estimating, and procuring permits and entitlements for projects that Breyting is selling to other investment groups.

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