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We Live by This Philosophy.

Don’t become complacent

Your work is an expression of your life, Ignite the fire, find your passion, work for progress, and when you can’t find your own passion, work for the benefit of others.

Don’t be defined by others

Find the courage not to adopt the fears or words of naysayer’s as truth. Learn from the lessons, fail forward as many times as it takes to succeed, and never give up.

Don’t substitute money for thinking

Be different, creativity before capital, throw out all your old fixed ideas on how to do things. It is the intangibles that create the tangibles.

Recruit the best team

Hire people with integrity, energy, and intelligence that have the ability to self-learn what they don’t know and never hire out of convenience or professionals without talent.

Empower, then hold accountable

Ensure our vendors and workers understand our/their expectations and are a part of the decision-making process for their workloads and deadlines and are empowered with the tools needed to achieve their goals.

Schedule around your personality

You can’t force creatively so don’t let the day-to-day business flow mold you; you mold the flow to allow for your passion to drive your productivity. It is not how many hours you work rather how much work is completed within the hours and the quality of the work.

Master the skill of empathy

People’s emotions are at the core of business. Empathize with our partners, stakeholders, vendors, and customers but don’t let their issues become our problems.

Hack away at the unessential

It’s easy to create complicated and expensive methods, processes, and products that do not add value for our customers. Focus our efforts on simplifying.

Continuous improvement

Create the absolute best product we can during a given time period but don’t wait for perfection; partial improvement now is fine. The key is momentum, this will lead to perfection.

Don’t waste

Continuously look for ways to reduce wastefulness in all forms; this extends to all things (building materials, operational waste, and people’s time).

Apply ethics, not mechanisms

Every generation has new terminologies and movements to force or influence people to do good however focus our resources on the root issue, which is ethics. If we have integrity and ethics, we will not harm people, animals, or the planet. Foster and apply our organization’s ethics, not other people’s mechanisms, terminologies, or concepts.


Wishful thinking that a person will change or rise to meet the challenge will not lead to success. When considering taking on a new project, ensure that the people involved align with our values, are talented, and will rally around the project.

Don’t be easily influenced

This will lead to second-guessing and making changes out of fear, which will dilute our projects and ultimately lead to failure. Instead, focus on challenging the facts we used to make the assumptions in our designs, concepts, planning and make sure the numbers and concept are true and accurate.

Don’t bet the farm

Just because we are thriving now does not guarantee success tomorrow. Think and plan long term, never overextend ourselves, always maintain low gearing (low fixed cost and low operating overhead), deep cash reserves, and be agile to move with market adjustments.

Doveryai, no proveryai (trust, but verify)

The livelihoods of our workers, partners and stakeholders depend on us verifying such things as the financial capabilities of our partners and the competence of new vendors and workers. ALWAYS VERIFY.

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