The Fluffy Experience

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The Fluffy Experience
The Fluffy Experience by Fred Schneider is a nod to his cover of Gloria Balsam's single, "Fluffy." Not many have heard it, but the few that have will never forget it. You can't get more punk rock than Fluffy. It's a love song about a dog. You will legitimately (and paradoxically) love this song, the coffee, and the causewhich is to find forever homes for all dogs and cats. For those you don't know Fred, he is the frontman of The B-52s and an animal rights activistand this coffee has a special place in his heart.

Our cause coffees are available in three roast levels, and one decaf.

Light roast 
= (Africa) Delicate, winey, and floral 
Medium roast = (South America) Organic, naturally sweet and clean, with a smooth nutty finish
Dark roast = (Southeast Asia) Bold, earthy, herbal, and spicy 
Decaf Swiss Water® processed = Organic, rich, and smooth 

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