In every interaction with Breyting, there is an unspoken but understood agreement with our customers that when you purchase a product from Breyting, you are supporting an organization devoted to the following values:

We are guided by values not profits
Breyting’s governance states that ethics and our business philosophy supersede profit-making activities. That is, we intend to generate revenue and profits but not at the expense of our values. For this reason, we choose to conduct business and do business with those who align with the following values:  We embrace all races, genders, spiritual paths, sexual orientations, and people and their individuality. After all, every one of us wants to be seen and heard for our authentic self. We believe in protecting our natural environment and animals. We believe in treating all people with kindness and as equals. We believe in producing products that benefit society.

We don’t harm animals
Both founders are animal rights activists (you might recall Fred’s campaign with PETA – “Let the lobsters rock on”?). So, we don’t purchase animal products. Instead, we support advancements in textiles that make earth-friendly vegan materials much lighter and far more durable and practical. And any animal welfare organizations we work with must not participate in the breeding, entertainment, or exploitation of animals for profit.

You won’t see us in a store
Breyting operates outside the typical systems where we have the freedom to build a direct trade system built on shared values. It costs, on average, 2.2 times more to make a Breyting product because we use environmentally friendly raw materials (in most cases higher quality), we follow a strict code of fair-trade principles, and we deal with artisans rather than factories. We see these choices as a benefit, not a hindrance and, because we have low overhead, we don’t deal with middlemen or stores, and our sales come from mostly word of mouth, we can sell our products for comparable prices while still making a reasonable profit.

We choose organic first
We are advocates for pesticide-free, chemical fertilizer-free, and GMO-free foods. While we offer both conventional and organic coffees and teas, we prioritize purchasing organic coffees but not at the expense of harming and further marginalizing small-hold farmers or the farmers’ appointed agents (representatives or co-op). Over the years, we have developed a network of valuable relationships and work with our producers whenever possible to help break their dependence on borrowing money from seed suppliers and banks that mandate the use of chemicals. We do this by offering signed contracts or, in some cases, giving deposits; this way, the producers know how much they will earn from the harvest before planting a single seed.

We are building a sustainable roastery
Breyting continually looks for ways to reduce wastefulness in all forms; this extends to all things (operational waste, fuel used to ship our goods, product waste, storage space, people's time, and more). In fact, we developed a unified product system for our coffees that reduces our bag size and waste by at least 15%, significantly reduces our freight costs (more importantly, the fuel used), and optimizes storage space thus reducing how much electricity is used. We are also committed to using solar power for our entire operation and building onsite composting by 2026.

We use sustainable packaging
We’re committed to making all our packaging 100% compostable and biodegradable. Our coffee boxes use Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified board stock embellished with embossing to avoid using inks. Our bags are made of thin natural kraft paper and cellulose made from wood pulp and are 60% compostable, with nearly all plant-based, renewable film layers. All our print materials use post-consumer waste (we aim for 100%) and avoid buying recovered paper made by coal plants. Our corrugated shipping boxes are compostable and biodegradable and we use vegetable-based inks whenever possible.

We are using sustainable materials
We work diligently to bring our customers safe and unique products and look not just at the finished materials but deeper into the entire process of our products, including; raw material extraction and refining, product manufacturing, product use, reuse, and disposal, and weigh the variables with a priority of supporting locally made products. Our clothing and accessories are made from cotton (organic cotton when available), hemp, and bamboo. In addition, we are continuously working on using the next generation of sustainable materials such as cork, fruit leaves, recycled ocean plastic, recycled skate decks, jewelry & buttons made from metals from UXOs (unexploded ordnance—bombs), and many other experimental eco-friendly substrates.

We support Initiatives
The biggest gift we have in life is helping others which is why Breyting funnels as many small farms and community-building projects into our coffee and tea boxes as possible. We also have a committed collection of cause coffees and merchandise that supports grassroots initiatives.

We give back
As part of our founding principles, Breyting gives 1/3 of our annual profits to social good. We pay ordinary business expenses, such as our property expenses, salaries and compensations, cost of goods and production, advertising, taxes, and more. Then, at the closing of the fiscal year, we distribute 1/3 of our profits to support the causes we promoted during the year.

We reinvest in others
Breyting reinvests 2% of our annual profits in other solution-centered companies pioneering the transition to a sustainable society. These investments allow us to build reserves for Breyting while also supporting change. We take a long-term approach and support what we think are the most important sustainable transition areas: food and agriculture, mobility and infrastructure, renewable resources, manufacturing that uses a circular economy, and innovations in sustainable design.

We foster fair business dealings
Nothing is more important to Breyting than not causing harm; this includes people. We strive to nurture healthy, long-lasting relationships, which is why we use value-based contracts and agreements (aka conscious or holistic contracts) for all our business dealings. Our agreements are jointly created, which fosters fair and ethical business. Each agreement contains a thoughtful conflict resolution process that promotes healing and creates a path for our partnerships to get back into alignment and win-win harmony, even if that outcome is parting ways.