A unique aspect of Breyting is its community-building projects that aim to solve problems through design and collaboration. Over the years, Breyting has been involved in numerous initiatives, from building community gardens, community-supported farming, skate parks, artists’ lofts, innovative multi-generational and shared living homes, and rallying support for our homeless. Below are some of Breyting’s current projects you can invest in, purchase from us, or collaborate on. The goal? To make them a reality and better the community. 


Meet our H-House™, the smallest 4 bedroom, 4 bath, 4 patio multigenerational home we could design.

Collaborate on BP-34


Meet "Villa Adelle," an affordable family compound and yard farm just a few short blocks from downtown DeLand.

Collaborate on BP-35


Meet Coastline Lofts, a forgotten railway transformed into a community of 14 lofts.

Collaborate on BP-36


Meet 811 Woodland, a cozy garden community that holds six of Breyting’s Mina houses next to Florida’s oldest university, Stetson.

Collaborate on BP-37


Meet Izetta Court, a low-rise condo building on a mission to provide much-needed smaller, affordable dwellings in downtown DeLand…in fact, it’s the first of its kind in DeLand. The project has 20 small units. You step out of your home and are downtown amidst the fun.

Collaborate on BP-38


Own less, live more! Our Love Shacks are the ultimate expression of freedom, small yet encompassing a wealth of luxurious amenities usually only found in large estates.


Meet 126 W. Ohio, a one-of-a-kind live/work home with a roastery, tasting room, and studio.