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326 E Wisconsin Ave

Built on a century of tradition and dedicated to innovating, our H-House™ is a stunning residence inspired to create the smallest 4 bedroom, 4 bath, 4 patio home possible. The H-House is an affordable multigenerational home that empowers people throughout the different stages of their individual life cycle, be that single, coupled, marriage, children, income-generating, elder care, and aging-in-place. Picture it like a “flex-home” that allows the rooms to be used independently depending on the homeowner’s needs.

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About the design:

  • The H-House is 1,600 square feet under air, 2,000 square feet under roof.
  • The kitchen is located at the front entrance, which is a natural place for people to gather. The living area is adjacent and opens up to the back deck. The entire middle room opens up on both sides to create a breezeway.
  • The home is also designed modularly so owners can choose modules based on their unique needs.

Floor plans:

  • The H4 is a four-bedroom, four-bath home where each bedroom has its own patio and entrance, which removes forced interaction and allows for comfortable shared living. Each bedroom has its own bathroom, washer/dryer, closet, and built-in desk.
  • The H2 is a side-by-side suite option designed for shared living where two people (or two couples) can live together while having their own separate wing of the house.
  • Both floor plans are ideal for creating an assisted living home where two or three elderly people can utilize resources to hire their own live-in nurse.


  • You cannot find a better location in Downtown DeLand! The lots sit across from the front gate of Stetson University and the sounds and entertainment of downtown are two blocks away. We have two lot locations ready to build, each lot holds one H-House.

Build options:

  • Bring your builder: You can buy the land and a single build construction license from Breyting to use the architectural plans to build one home per lot for $128,000.00.
  • Completed home: Breyting will build the home for you from: $449,000.00.

125 Adelle Ave

Villa “Adelle" is a unique, affordable family compound just a few short blocks from downtown DeLand, just off New York Ave. This property enables multiple generations to live together while saving money, pooling resources, and helping take care of each other. The primary residence is a 3-bed, 2-bath home with a breezeway porch between the main house and the primary bedroom -perfect for family dinners. The detached Mother-in-law suite is nestled in the back of the property and boasts a wraparound patio that overlooks the yard farm/botanical garden. Altogether the property has 4-bed rooms and 3-baths.

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  • Our Caille house is 1,150 S.F. enclosed plus a 312 S.F. open porch. The main house and the primary bedroom have separate HVAC but share the same electrical system.
  • Our Shack is 567 S.F. and comes with a dedicated HVAC. & Electrical system.

Build options:

  • Bring your builder: You can buy the land and a single build construction license from Breyting to use the architectural plans to build one Callie house and one Shack for $128,000.00.
  • Completed home: Breyting will build the Callie house and Shack for you from $448,000.00.


This small and forgotten railway was once a vital thoroughfare for DeLand’s downtown and an important part of the town’s history. Railroad operator Seaboard Coastline Railroad, once owned the tracks the lofts will be built on, hence the name Coastline Lofts. Our team has gone to extraordinary measures to ensure we are creating a community that the DeLand residents will be proud of and ideal for people who want to live, work, and play downtown. Whether it’s being a part of the hustle and bustle or relaxing in modern sophistication within a historic downtown setting; Coastline Lofts is the place to live.

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The lofts boost unique and creative floor plans with a balance of modern finishes like polished concrete floors and a stainless-steel handrailing cabling system paired with gorgeous traditional hardwood flooring on the upper levels and expansive hand-framed ceiling trusses. Coastline Lofts is an important project for downtown DeLand. It is the first of its kind and the first multi-family project to be built and sold in downtown in over 20 years.

  • Coastline Lofts is located at the corner of Florida Avenue and West Ohio Avenue, one block from Stetson University and two blocks from historic downtown DeLand.
  • There are 12 residential lofts and two street-facing artist lofts which include one bedroom/one bath or two bedroom/two bath floor plans.
  • There are six floor plan options that range from 827.00 sq. ft. to 1,136.00 sq. ft.
  • Total building structure size is 13,685.00 sq. ft. (Enclosed + Ext. Entry) and 13,437.00 sq. ft. (Total Enclosed Floor Plates).
  • Included in the site plan is a water cistern to recycle grey water to water the plants, a Zen rock garden, a community gathering area, two water fountains, an art mural wall, and Xeriscaped with native-landscaping to reduce the need for irrigation and lower ongoing maintenance costs for the homeowners.

Build options:

  • You can buy the entire project, the land, and a single build construction license from Breyting to use the architectural plans to build 14-units or Breyting will consider a joint venture to develop this project. The HOA and the website domain and basic marketing materials are included.

811 Woodland Blvd

If large homes and big yards are on your wish list, these homes are not for you. But, on the other hand, if a cozy community of small traditional homes bundled up in an abundant landscaping package is, then this is it! 811 Woodland is an EXTRAORDINARY LOCATION next to Stetson University that holds six of Breyting’s Mina Houses. The site is just a couple of blocks walk through the beautiful cascading oak trees when you head to historic downtown DeLand and its numerous shops and restaurants, this property has many advantages that will seduce you.

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A thoughtful cozy community.

  • Our Mina house is a cozy, two story, two bedroom, two-and-a-half bath home with a small office totaling 1,300 square feet.
  • Three different architecture styles share the same footprint and floor plan.
  • 1,300 square feet of thoughtful design offers a large open room on the first floor, intended to be as flexible as you need, and has a utility room, 1/2 bath, and pantry tucked under the stairs.
  • The back doors open the kitchen to a deck so container gardening will be easy.
  • Two bedrooms, two full baths, and a home office make up the second floor.
  • The master is at the front with a vaulted white-beamed ceiling which gives the room a lofty feel.
  • The home office is centered between both bedrooms and has a large window which makes the room feel big and allows for work/live balance.
  • These homes appeal to the homeowner who wants to own less, and live more.

Build options:

  • Presales for completed homes start at $389,000.00.
  • You can purchase the entire project, the land, and a single build construction license from Breyting to use the architectural plans to build six Mina Houses for $589,000.00 or Breyting will consider a joint venture to develop this project. The HOA and basic marketing materials are included.


Breyting is in the beginning stages of what will be a community of small homes. Our Shacks are the ultimate expression of freedom, small yet encompassing a wealth of luxurious amenities usually only found in large estates. The houses even have options for food growing systems and swim spas that let you exercise, play, and entertain; after all, living should be fun! The idea is to leave behind large debt and stress and embrace a cozy shack and a healthy and fun lifestyle. The first of their kind, these shacks are a solution for today's affordable housing crisis and come in studios (585 sq. ft.), one-bedroom (689 sq. ft.), and two bedrooms (789 sq. ft). Own less, live more!
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