Breyting's mission is to create economic, social, and environmental progress through its collaborations. But is this work best achieved through a for-profit or non-profit legal entity? And what is the best way to leave Breyting to future generations of change-makers?

Some of you might be shocked to learn that Japanese Keiretsu's and Chinese Industrial Cooperatives, known as Gung Ho International Committee, use non-profits to control raw materials, land, and labor; thus, much of the world's wealth. In fact, some of the world's largest entities are non-profits like IKEA, the furniture company. Did you just gasp and say wait, what?

Well, it's true, The IKEA INGKA Foundation ( is officially dedicated to promoting "innovations in architecture and interior design." Their endowment is estimated to be worth US$36 billion.

Envision Breyting adopting a strategic philanthropy method, leveraging it to create positive economic, social, and environmental change. This is not just a possibility, but a strategic direction we are actively pursuing. This approach will allow us to allocate more profits to charitable causes, apply for grants, and offer a donation prospectus to raise funding for projects.

Effective immediately, Breyting is embarking on a significant transformation. We are selling all of our fixed assets and properties, donating our intellectual property, concepts, and designs to a foundation, and licensing our brand to a network of manufacturing and retail partners. These partners will fulfill orders and conduct business, paying royalty and licensing fees. These fees will empower the Breyting Foundation to fund and execute Breyting's mission of creating positive change, while also offering our partners a competitive advantage in the market. Exciting changes are underway; stay tuned for more details :) 

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