Welcome to our virtual studio, where creatives around the globe gather to use their talents and passions to create positive change.

Ways to work with Breyting...

Create change with us
Breyting recruits talented independent contractors with integrity, energy, and intelligence that can add value to our product collaborations. The studio works with visual artists, performers, content writers, graphic activists, and many other talented people who are the life force for our movement. These creatives produce limited-edition collaborations that support activism and the marketing campaigns, social media content, and informational pieces for these consumer experiences. In the spirit of collaboration and flexibility, we don’t hire employees. If you would like to propose a collaboration with Breyting, please email

Let us help you create change
Learning how to balance doing social good and making profits within the same brand is not easy; it takes tenacity and the ability to reinvent yourself and your brand. Our expertise includes brand management, consumer-direct manufacturing models, and innovative thinking. Breyting has had successes, failures that failed forward, and some absolutely absurd lessons that someone should write a book about. With over two decades of experience, we have amassed a lifetime of valuable knowledge and relationships. Let us leverage our knowledge, community of creatives, and professionals to help you bring your vision to create positive change to a reality.