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Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness begin with living in dignity with safe shelter, water, electricity, and heat. Simply driving around any town, or watching the news and hearing the plight of so many, we are all acutely aware of urgent, growing needs in our major cities and urban areas where homelessness is ever expanding and sprawling out of control. In strong partnership with Breyting, Sonic Octane is proud to support nonprofits, fundraisers, and municipalities offering direct assistance to our U.S. Military Veteran homeless communities. Please join our cause coffee community to help ensure our fellow Americans receive the care they deserve.

Sonic Octane
Occasionally the universe opens at just the right time bringing a unique set of circumstances uniting exceptional talent.  Welcome to Sonic Octane.  We have years of music passion in our blood. 

IMDb tracked our debut music sync "Heaven Calling" earning over 30 million song plays on Amazon Prime as a featured title track, and submitted for a Daytime Emmy Award for best original music.  Our music has been featured on iHeart FM Radio, at MMA Events (Atlantic City, Washington D.C., Colorado Springs), Salem Media Group FM and AM Radio, and all U.S. Military bases worldwide. In partnership with Curtain Call Records, our debut single release "The Reckoning" made global digital distribution through Sony/The Orchard.  Look for future Billboard, FM radio, and digital radio promotions via Curtain Call Records and Rock Rage Radio. Our project is focused on building new music, strategic partnerships, and rebranding.


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Our light roast features high-altitude 1800 +MASL (meters above mean sea level)coffees from Africa: including Ethiopia, the Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Rwanda. The roasting style leans toward a shorter overall process, more delicate flavor development, and a drop temperature of 405-420 degrees. The process preserves much of the coffee’s natural sweetness, floral complexity, and creamy body, rendering a crisp, juicy cup that can be happily enjoyed with nothing added. 

Our medium roast features medium-to-high altitude coffees from South America and Mesoamerica: including Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Peru. Medium altitude coffees tend to grow faster, and have larger, less-dense seeds, and feature a more immediate flavor profile. We generally find the sweet spot to be a medium length roasting technique, dropping at 425-435 degrees. The process highlights spice notes, artisanal chocolate, and hints of baked fruit—along with a smooth, long, nutty finish to the cup. The MEDIUM also works remarkably well as a shot of espresso.

Our dark roasts are coffees from Southeast Asia, predominantly East Timor and Indonesia. Many areas in this region, especially the islands of Sumatra and Sulawesi, employ a signature processing technique calledGilingBasah(or “wet hull”) to de-pulp the coffee cherries, resulting in a robust, earthy, full-bodied flavor with less acidity and sweetness. Roasting these coffees longer and darker tends to make them peak in complexity and really come into their own. We generally roast coffees from this region for 13-14 minutes with a drop temperature of 440-450 degrees.

Our decaf features only Swiss Water Processed (SWP) coffee beans, which uses no chemicals of any kind and leaves only trace elements of caffeine in the coffee. We roast our decaf to a medium/dark roast level with the same care and attention to detail as all of our coffees.

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